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Thali Miniland Primary School Children's Club

By Direct Good
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Thali Miniland Primary School Childrens Club
Just a few days ago I had the privilege of visiting one of the Bhitri Sundarta clubs at Thali Miniland school, Kathmandu Nepal. This club was created about two months ago by a young student in high school who saw the need for the program in her school after one of her fellow students was abused by a teacher. The club is made up of 15 girls and 3 very supportive boys who encourage the girls in their efforts to make a difference in their communities and school. The Bhitri Sundarta club, which they have named “Girls Choice Foundation,” consists of 8th and 9th grade students that meet every Saturday to work through the curriculum, play games, and discuss problems they are going through and brainstorm possible solutions together. They have decided they want to make club shirts, and every week each student saves 10 Nepali Rupees (USD $0.10) to place towards the fund. The initiative, determination, and maturity that these students have is absolutely amazing to me!

In a recent incident, a teacher had been abusing some of the girls in the school. The girls and boys united together and brought it to the attention of the principal, who then took action. There would not have been such a quick solution if the students had not become aware of what abuse was from the Bhitri Sundarta curriculum, and not come together to stand behind each other for support. As the girls were telling us this story, we could evidently see how proud they were of one another!  The information about abuse and the dangers of abuse is very limited in Nepal. For that reason, abuse, whether physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional is rampant in many communities. When we asked the girls why they started the Bhitri Sundarta club, they all seemed to have the same, resounding answer, “To raise awareness about abuse in our community.” The Girls’ Choice Foundation left me feeling so inspired and encouraged by such amazing and united young people who are determined to use their own skills and resources to empower themselves and others in their community. It is so clear that these young students have been impacted greatly by the Bhitri Sundarta program, and they are already making a difference in their community because of it!

Katie Friesen, Direct Good Network Facilitator

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