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Kathmandu Family Home

Greetings from Nepal,   

This last month has kept me on my toes with a lot of new and exciting changes happening all around me. Recently, we received a new seven-year-old girl from a remote village in the Gulmi District in central Nepal. She has had tough transition after being found by police at a local bus station after her family abandoned her, but her spirit is still strong, and she is one of the most generous kids I have come across. I look forward to continuing counseling her along with the rest of the kids, but it’s a slow process that will take plenty of time and patience. It's hard to truly expressive the challenges of working with these children presents, but I am adopting these challenges very seriously and am working to the best of my abilities.   

Initially, a lot of my time was spent handling the documentation process of receiving the children from their respective villages with running back and forth between the government offices for the child profiles. After that, I was able to complete five full sessions with the kids including story time. Last week, we even spent a fun-filled day at the Zoo.   
Moving forward, I will continue to work on building a more efficient relationship with the District Child Welfare Board of Nepal (DCWB), along with other social agencies who can further our work here in Nepal.  

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Kathmandu Family Home
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