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Karuna Nepal is Providing Girls with Vocational Training

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Karuna Nepal is Providing Girls with Vocational Training
We are serving eight girls in our program,

Four who used to be prostitutes and four who came from desperate, abusive, and vulnerable situations. We are counseling them and providing them with vocational training consisting of textile design, manufacturing, and agriculture. Recently, seven additional girls graduated from our program, and five have full time jobs!

Our current needs are for fuel and continued support of some girls who are still living in desperate home situations. Because of the continued fuel shortage throughout Nepal, we have now started to cook our food over firewood outside of our building. In addition, we recently came across a woman with three children but with no place to stay, so we are connecting her with long-term housing and care.

Thank you for supporting us! We need your continued support in order to send more children in our street program to school and better care for women who are in desperate situations. We are offering rewards for your giving, listed below. You will receive your reward through email or postal service after your donation is processed. Please consider donating and you will receive regular updates from Karuna Nepal!

$100: A special "thank you" sent to you!
$250: A handmade gift from the ladies at Karuna Nepal plus a special "thank you"
$500: Loose leaf tea from Nepal, a handmade gift from the ladies at Karuna, and a special "thank you"

We appreciate your support! You view this project here and here.

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