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Educational and Business Development in Nepal

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Community Empowerment and Transformation or (COMMIT) has been working directly with sexually exploited girls of the Badi Community, in Nepal. Many women from this community are at risk to become trafficked or forced into sex work in India. Also, the Badi people are traditionally excluded socially, educationally, politically and economically. COMMIT Nepal has focused on social and relief work as well as Community development through a variety of implemented activities and programs such as helping vulnerable children attend school while also directly helping their mothers.   


Since 2014, COMMIT has helped women get on their feet by providing business mentoring for them to start their small businesses in Nepalgunj. This community, near the border of India, has a high population of Badi people, a marginalized people group. Seed money is essential for small business start-ups and to increase the reach of the women’s saving and credit groups, which will become sustainable over time. Your funds will provide the start-up costs involved to purchase products and for women to receive training to start selling products at their stalls.  So far three stores; a tailoring shop, shoe making stop and a grocery stand have established themselves among the community.


COMMIT also target local families who are not sending their children to school and encourage these families to send their children to school. Currently, COMMIT sponsors 20 children twice a year by providing them with educational materials, dresses, and school bags. They also provide emotional support by encouraging these kids to attend classes regularly as well as making sure these children are routinely studying.   


COMMIT Nepal currently has minimal  funding and has been making strides in the community exclusively through charitable donations. You can partner with COMMIT to enact real change in the Badi community.


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